How to make argumentative essay?

Argumentative essay is the most charged in the university entrance exams and competitions. During high school, several textual productions must be done to master this genre and students can enter the higher level or pass in that long awaited contest.

The exam, for example, is the test that evaluates how high school students are in high school, and selects candidates to enter the public and private upper levels. In this test, a textual production of this genre is always charged.

The themes for the essay essays are chosen according to the world and country news, presenting a proposal with some facts and facts to be used in the essay. In the year 2015, for example, the theme was about the persistence of violence against women in our society, presenting the instructions for writing, texts to assist in the elaboration of the argument and the proposal.

To elaborate a writing of this format, it is necessary to follow its structure, see below each of its points that connect with the beginning, middle and end of the text:

  1. Introduction

In the introduction, you should present in a thematic paragraph creating a thesis according to your point of view on the subject and what will be the arguments that support this thesis, as in the example below:

“The habit of photo-recording everything that happens in our lives has become increasingly constant (thesis). On the one hand, it is interesting to be able to share everything that we experience with others, besides being able to keep as records to access our memories. On the other hand, many end up detaching themselves from the moment of the occurrence of the facts because of the concern to show others what we should appreciate at the moment. “

2) Development

In the development you must present the data and facts that support your thesis through the arguments presented. The ideal is to elaborate between one and two paragraphs, each of which is reserved for one of the arguments presented. So here you will delve into the arguments using the text of the proposal as a foundation.

3) Conclusion

In conclusion you should resume the thesis presented succinctly, usually by the use of conjunctions as therefore, however, however. At this point, you must come up with an end to your text, so you need to create a proposal for intervention on the topic.

The characteristics of your text, in addition to the structure, should be taken care of as well, see below the main ones:

  • to write its argumentative-argumentative text in an impersonal way, that is, in the third person, because although it is a text that demonstrates point of view, the ‘I’ must be distanced to give more credibility to the text, being prohibited the use of expressions such as “In my opinion”, “I think”, “for me”;
  • be clear and objective, it is not necessary to create a lyrical text with difficult words, as this will hinder in trying to convince your reader about your point of view;
  • be aware of grammatical and orthographic rules so as not to miss and lose points in writing;
  • always make a draft so you can read and review your text so you do not shave on the official sheet.

Remember: It is important to organize first organize the ideas for the elaboration of your text, to take care of the calligraphy and to delimit the delimitation of the paragraphs correctly and to structure them demonstrating the beginning, middle and end of the text, to maintain the cohesion and coherence present and order chronological of the ideas and do not contradict at any moment during the text.

Therefore, always have the habit of reading and writing, in addition to being informed the world news, adding this to your creativity and having the rules of writing the language at the tip of the language, you will write essays note 1000.

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